Subject: New Scheme of HKIX Enables Faster IPv6 Development

HKIX has been supporting IPv6 since March 2004 and gradual growth of IPv6 traffic has been observed. As IPv4 address space is running out fast, IPv6 deployment is becoming more urgent than before. In view of this, HKIX will implement a new scheme starting 10 July 2008 (Thu) that allows HKIX participants to share IPv6 connectivity more easily. Specifically, on HKIX's IPv6 MLPA route server, there will only be minimal IPv6 route filters to guard against bogus IPv6 routes for incoming IPv6 route announcements. All IPv6 routes received by HKIX's IPv6 route server will be shared with all HKIX participants.

HKIX participants are encouraged to share their IPv6 connectivity with other HKIX participants via HKIX's IPv6 MLPA route server. With this arrangement, HKIX participants should be able to get wider IPv6 connectivity via HKIX. We believe that this will encourage more HKIX participants to start IPv6 deployment and so will enable faster IPv6 development. (HKIX participants are advised to set up proper IPv6 route filters on their side for implementing their own IPv6 routing policy.)

Wish you enjoy enhanced IPv6 connectivity over HKIX.

With best regards,


P.S. Please note that there will be no change to IPv4 MLPA policy on HKIX.