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Route Policy

The BGP Announcement Policy of Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) is as follows,

Route Announcement

Improper Route Announcement

In case there is reported case about one HKIX participant announcing routes (no matter RTBH, or /24, etc.) that are not owned by that HKIX participant, HKIX will coordinate related parties to check with each other and HKIX will suspend the HKIX switch port(s) if necessary. If you find improper route announcement on HKIX, please report the case to noc AT

1. Filtering

a. IP address filtering

  • Applicable to general HKIX members.
  • Filtering by IP addresses.
  • Update via Filter Update Agent for each announcement.

b. AS number filtering

  • Applicable to HKIX members who have more than 5 Autonomous Systems (AS) connected and each AS contains at least one /20 or shorter prefix announced to the HKIX.
  • Filtering by AS number originated from the IAP's customer network.
  • Update via Filter Update Agent for each announcement.
  • Separate application is required, please make your application by e-mail to

HKIX members should check the integrity of the filters and submit only the IP address or AS number that require for update. HKIX may reject the applications if the IP addresses or AS numbers had already included in the filter.

The minimum IP block accepted by the HKIX route server is /24.

2. Non-filtering

Closer Peering Arrangement (CPA) Scheme

  • Applicable to HKIX members who are using AS filtering and advertising more than 2500 prefixes for 200+ different ASes to the HKIX.
  • All routes will be accepted by the route servers.
  • No need to submit filter update.
  • Separate application is required, please read here for details.

3. BGP Community Supported by HKIX Route Servers

Route Prefix Advertisement Control by BGP Community

HKIX route servers support route prefix advertisement control by standard BGP community. HKIX participants can use below standard BGP community to control BGP prefix advertisement, targets for 2-Byte AS number ($Peer-AS).

Send prefix to all4635:4635
Send prefix to $Peer-AS only4635:$Peer-AS
Do not send prefix to all0:4635
Do not send prefix to $Peer-AS0:$Peer-AS
  • If there is none of above BGP community, a prefix will be sent to all by default.
  • Please set only one type of above BGP community, while $Peer-AS can be multiple (for example 4635:65501 & 4635:65502 to announce a prefix only to AS65501 and AS65502, or 0:65501 & 0:65502 to announce a prefix to all but not to AS 65501 and AS65002).




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