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Licensed Carriers

The following licensed carriers (fixed internal services) can provide local circuits for connecting to the core sites of HKIX:

Licensed Carrier (Fixed Internal Services)Type of Licence*HKIX1HKIX1bHKIX1c
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited UCL
HGC Global Communications LimitedUCL
HKBN Enterprise Solutions LimitedUCL
PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited and
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited
PCCW Global (HK) LimitedUCL
Towngas Telecommunications Fixed Network LimitedUCL
TraxComm Limited UCL
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK LimitedUCL
China Mobile Hong Kong Company LimitedUCL
Xenith IG Hong Kong LimitedUCL
Hong Kong Cable Television LimitedUCL


Total number of licensed carriers = 11
*UCL - Unified Carrier Licence

For Carrier Licences Enquiry, please refer to OFCA's site for details. Please click here



1. HKIX1 and HKIX1b and HKIX1c are the core sites of HKIX. HKIX participants are encouraged to connect to both sites for site resilience.
2. For those participants which connect to only one of the core sites, HKIX1c instead of HKIX1/HKIX1b will be assigned for better load balancing.




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