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What is HKIX

HKIX is a neutral and professional layer-two settlement-free Internet exchange point based in Hong Kong for faster and cheaper interconnections among different networks on Internet. Established in April 1995, Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) is owned and operated by the Hong Kong Internet eXchange Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Foundation Limited) in collaboration with Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Internet exchange is a very important concept on Internet because different networks on Internet have to be interconnected directly or indirectly in order to maintain full connectivity to the whole Internet. In Hong Kong, many networks have their own links to overseas. They have to make interconnections locally in order to have faster and less expensive access to local nodes. HKIX was initiated with this point in mind. With easy interconnections provided by HKIX, all HKIX participants can be benefited because significant amount of precious International bandwidth can be saved. In additional to that, HKIX participants can exchange data much faster making the development of advanced Internet applications in Hong Kong more meaningful.

Although HKIX’s primary goal is to interconnect different networks in Hong Kong so that they can exchange intra-HongKong traffic locally without routing through overseas, HKIX can also be used for exchange of international traffic among the networks in Hong Kong and the networks in other countries or economies. In essence, HKIX serves all local and international networks including commercial service providers as well as research and education networks. Owing to its large scale and the high traffic volume it serves, HKIX is now widely considered as one of the largest Internet exchange points in Asia Pacific region.

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