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Connect Guide

  • HKIX supports at most one IPv4 and/or one IPv6 address per connection to each participant on HKIX switch.
  • HKIX does NOT support trunk port or VLAN mapping to our switches at all HKIX sites.
  • Participants must DISABLE proxy arp on their router interfaces towards HKIX at all times.
  • HKIX will turn on port security with the MAC address connected from participant's router to the HKIX switch. At any time, only one MAC address will be allowed on each HKIX port and HKIX participant must inform HKIX NOC by email if there is any change or maintenance on the router MAC address.
  • All switching or transmission equipment must be owned and operated by Fixed Telecommunication Network Services (FTNS) Providers and the equipment must be installed in their equipment racks. FTNS Providers are required to provide the local loop circuit(s) and patch the cable(s) to the HKIX panel assigned by HKIX. No transmission equipment, modem or mode converters allowed to be installed in HKIX racks.
  • Formal agreement is needed to be signed between HKIX and the HKIX participant as long as the participant has fulfilled all the requirements for becoming a HKIX participant as stated in



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