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HKIX Main Policies


Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) is operated by Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). HKIX is NOT a transit provider; instead, it is a layer-two settlement-free Internet exchange point primarily for routing of intra-HongKong Internet traffic. However, HKIX can also be used for routing of Internet traffic between the networks in Hong Kong and the networks or downstream networks of HKIX participants in other countries. The peering model of HKIX is a SKA (Sender Keep All) peering model.

In order to join HKIX, the participant needs to fulfill the requirements and agrees to the policies and guidelines listed below:

Requirements for Participants to Join HKIX

The requirements for participants to join HKIX are as follows:

    1. Participants should have primary global Internet connectivity independent of HKIX facilities.
    2. Participants should be able to exchange routing tables (or peer) with the route server set up by HKIX using Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP4).
    3. In addition to running BGP4 to peer with HKIX route server, participants need to run BGP4 to peer with their upstream/peer/downstream providers. This is for better management of routing. (AS numbers need to be obtained from APNIC or others. If they are single-homed, their upstream providers need only send a BGP default route to them.)
    4. Participants must be self-sufficient. For example, they should have their own primary DNS, Email, WWW and News servers.
    5. The connections of participants to HKIX must be 1Gbps or above
    6. The data links to HKIX MUST be provided by the participants.

Policies & Guidelines

If an organization is interested to join, it needs to fulfill the above requirements and acknowledges the acceptance of the following HKIX policies and guidelines:


  • HKIX is a layer-two Internet exchange point over Ethernet. All participants connecting to HKIX are exchanging data via Ethernet that is a layer-two technology. All routers on the Ethernet are exchanging routing information with the route servers set up by HKIX using BGP4.
  • HKIX is a settlement-free interconnection point. No settlement needs to be paid by the peering participants for the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • The main purpose of HKIX is for routing of intra-HongKong traffic but it is acceptable if participants allow others to exchange traffic with their networks or downstream networks at other countries free of charge.
  • All participants should not filter traffic or routing table entries to or from any other participants unless it is justifiable.
  • HKIX has set up route servers for peering; participants must only peer with these servers. Participants can also peer with other participants directly as long as the arrangement does not violate any of the policies and guidelines stated here.
  • All participants of HKIX are considered equal. All HKIX participants must peer with one another via the route servers.
  • Each participant must be an Autonomous System (AS) by itself with a globally unique AS number assigned by ARIN, RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC or their sub-registries.
  • The source addresses of the data traversing the HKIX must be officially assigned by ARIN, RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC or their sub-registries.


  • Each participant MUST have its own global Internet connectivity through other Internet access provider(s) independent of HKIX facilities.
  • The connection to HKIX MUST NOT be used as the primary connection to the global Internet. The key point is that if the link to HKIX or HKIX itself is down, connectivity should still be maintained.
  • CUHK is the primary site of HKIX, participants with a single connection (data link) to HKIX should connect to the primary site of HKIX.
  • Should HKIX has secondary site(s), participants might add additional data link(s) to the secondary site(s) for redundancy or load balance purposes subject to the approval of HKIX.


  • Each participant connecting to HKIX should take all necessary precautions to assure that abuse of network resources, both that of HKIX and its peers does not occur.
  • Participants must arrange suitable insurance to cover their equipment while it is within HKIX racks. Insurance must include adequate cover for third party liability in the event of the participant's equipment causing damage to HKIX, other participants or third party staff or equipment. HKIX may demand, and the participant must provide proof of, adequate relevant insurance cover to the satisfaction of HKIX.
  • HKIX and CUHK will not be responsible for any loss and damages to the participants caused by the operations of HKIX or its participants.
  • HKIX and CUHK will not be responsible for any illegal activities performed by any of its participants.


  • The data links to HKIX MUST be provided (or paid) by the corresponding participants.
  • For HKIX Charge Table, please read here for details.


  • HKIX reserves the right to disconnect any participants if they violate any of the policies and guidelines stated above.


If you have decided to join HKIX, please send an e-mail to HKIX Team saying that you fulfill all the requirements and agree with all the policies and guidelines of HKIX mentioned above. We will send you information on how to make the connection after receiving your mail. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

HKIX reserves the right to amend the policies and guidelines in the future, to obtain the latest information regarding the HKIX policies and guidelines please visit our web site


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