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Data Centre Policy

HKIX Data Centre Policy (hereinafter refer to as the “Policy”)




Refers to Information Technology Services Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Data Centre

Refers to the two (2) HKIX Data Centres located in the campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.



Refers to an organization that has connected to HKIX facilities or has equipment collocated at the HKIX Data Centre.


Licensed Area

Refers to that portion of the HKIX Data Centre made available by HKIX to the Customer for the placement of Customer's equipment and use of the HKIX Data Centre Services.



Refers to those individuals identified in writing by the Customer on the HKIX Data Centre Authorization List or the HKIX Site Access Application Form.


Site Access

  1. Only those authorized persons identified in writing by the Customer on the HKIX Data Centre Authorization List can make request to enter the HKIX Data Centre.
  2. For every access, a maximum of 3 persons (the name MUST be submitted in HKIX Site Access Application Form) may enter HKIX Data Centre at the same time. For security reasons, all visitors (Representatives) will be requested to show his/her STAFF ID and HKID (or Passport) for verification. He/she will be refused to enter the Data Centre if the required credentials cannot be shown.
  3. HKIX reserves the right not to allow entrance to the HKIX Data Centre if there are already too many companies performing works.
  4. Customer shall deliver prior written notice to HKIX of any changes in the list of Representatives through the HKIX Data Centre Access Authorization List Form or the HKIX Site Access Application Form.
  5. Customer and its Representatives may only enter its licensed area, unless otherwise approved and accompanied by an authorized HKIX’s representative.
  6. Customer has full responsibility and liability for all acts or omissions of Representatives and all such acts or omissions will be attributed to Customer for all purposes, including for the purposes of determining whether Customer has breached this Policy.
  7. Customer must ensure that the Representatives do not take any actions that Customer is prohibited from taking under this Policy.
  8. Customer must provide HKIX with at least one (1) working day prior notice by using HKIX Site Access Application Form any time it intends to access the HKIX Data Centre. 
  9. Customer must complete the Equipment move in/out form any time it intends to move-in or move-out any Customer Equipment at the HKIX Data Centre.
  10. The Representatives must fill in the details for access in the HKIX Entry Log at the Operations Service Counter before they enter the HKIX Data Centre.
  11. The Representatives must wear their staff ID cards and our visitor cards within the HKIX Data Centre.

Conduct at the HKIX Data Centre

  1. The Representatives must keep its licensed area as well as the HKIX Data Centre clean and tidy at all times.
  2. The Representatives agree to, adhere to and abide by all security and safety measures established by HKIX.
  3. The Representatives must refrain from doing the following:
    1. engage in any activity that is in violation of the laws or aids or assists any criminal activity while at HKIX property or in connection with the HKIX Data Centre Services;
    2. misuse or abuse any HKIX’s property or equipment or third party equipment;
    3. make any unauthorized use of or interfere with any property or equipment of any other customer;
    4. harass any individual, including HKIX personnel and representatives of other customers; and
    5. use of any photographic, video, film or such other device that produces, reproduces, retains or transmits images within the premises and the licensed space.
  4. Customer must not, except as otherwise agreed by HKIX,
    1. place any computer hardware or other equipment in the licensed area
    2. store any other combustible materials of any kind in the licensed area; and
    3. bring any “Prohibited Materials” (as defined below) into the HKIX Data Centre. Prohibited Materials shall include, but not limited to, the following and any similar items:
        1. Food, drink, illegal drugs and other intoxicants
        2. Tobacco products
        3. Explosives and weapons
        4. Hazardous materials
        5. Electro-magnetic devices, which could unreasonably interfere with computer and telecommunications equipment
        6. Radioactive materials
        7. Photographic or recording equipment of any kind
        8. Any other items deemed inappropriate at HKIX’s sole discretion.
  5. All Customer's equipment must be installed, operated, configured and run at all times in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications, including power outlet, power consumption and clearance requirements and the applicable laws.
  6. All Customer's equipment must be put within HKIX’s licensed area, and they must be either rack-mounted, or be put on HKIX’s provided fixed partitions. None of Customer’s equipment is allowed to stack or rest on the equipment of any other Customer;
  7. All of the cables and wiring in Customer’s licensed area must be neatly labeled, wrapped and tied together (if a customer fails to do so, HKIX may in its sole option neatly wrap and tie such wires and cables, and HKIX may charge the customer for performing such service);

Electrical Power

  1. Each of HKIX’s standard cabinet is provisioned for 13A power consumption, and the maximum number of power sockets allowed is that previously agreed by HKIX. The Customer could only use those power sockets as assigned by HKIX.
  2. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the power provided as agreed by HKIX is sufficient to power the devices for regular use.
  3. HKIX may independently inspect the power configuration of any cabinet with Customer’s licensed space, at any time.
  4. HKIX may direct Customer
    1. to alter the power configuration of Customer’s equipment;
    2. to disconnect power supply to the Customer’s equipment; or
    3. require Customer to remove from any equipment, if HKIX considers that the continued operation of Customer’s equipment:
      1. causes a threat to safety to the operations of HKIX’s Data Centre or its property;
      2. unreasonably interferes with the operations of HKIX, any other customer or any entity utilizing any portion of the Data Centre;
      3. is not installed in accordance with standard industry practice; and/or
      4. is consuming or has consumed excessive power.
  5. HKIX reserves the right to disconnect any unauthorized power connection made by Customers without notice.


If Customer breaches any of the terms mentioned in this policy, HKIX reserves the rights to suspend or to disconnect the services partly or wholly, or restrict Customer or its Representatives from accessing the licensed area without incurring any liabilities or obligations.

HKIX may change this Policy from time to time and the revised Policy shall be posted at HKIX Homepage at Customer is required to review HKIX’s website regularly to keep itself informed of the most current version of this Policy at all times.



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